Welcome to Wet Fleece

Thank you for visiting us today! It truly means a lot to us. Please know that even if you do not purchase anything, just by visiting our little store on Zazzle and by clicking on and viewing our products, you help move us up further on the long, dark tunnel that is the Google search engine — making it more likely for us to be found in the future. So thank you very much for that.

We also want to let you know that the prices on our Zazzle Wet Fleece items are set as low as we can possibly set them. We do not have anything to do with manufacturing or purchasing, and Zazzle will not allow us to set prices lower than their base price of a 5% royalty. The pro’s to this is that we can put all of our time and effort into the fun part of it, which is designing for God, about God, & because of God.  Also, when visiting our Christian Zazzle site, be sure to check at the top of the page for discount codes that you can use when checking out.  These discounts can be anywhere from 15% to 20% to 50% many times.

We certainly don’t expect to get rich off of this little store (nor do we desire to), but we do hope to one day be able to earn a little that can go into our Christian ministry of helping others.  You can find out all about our Church and Ministry at www.radioministry.org.

Our link:   Wet Fleece’s Zazzle Store  will take you to our Wet Fleece store at Zazzle.  This one particular method of raising money for our ministry is not our first choice. We would prefer that MOST of the money go to charity, but unfortunately, a lot of the money will go to Zazzle and their vendors.  I have to be honest with you about this.  We make 5% on each sale.  That’s it. But it’s a start!  And we are delighting in the Lord by creating designs for Him, about Him, and because of Him and getting His Good Word out there.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Our WetFleece.com site (the one that you’re on right now) is also going to be home to handmade Christian products (outside of Zazzle) that will be sold right here!  These Christian handmade items will include items such as bags, overalls, flats, buttons, jewelry, and more, and every dollar will go toward our ministry of helping others.  One of the charities we are trying to get off the ground is one that helps struggling single mothers and their children. I think there is a huge need for a charity that is focused strictly on this cause.  There will also be a page dedicated to a library of free, vintage Christian children’s book downloads.  These vintage Christian book downloads will each be filled with beautiful illustrations of Bible stories that, for the most part, we just do not get much of anymore. — a longtime, personal desire of the Wet Fleece Design Team’s art director, Tina Burris.

Please stop in to say “hello” from time to time, just by visiting and seeing what’s new. No obligation. We are first and foremost brothers and sisters in Christ. You can also connect to our Christian ministry from this site to listen to bible readings, Christian music, as well as radio shows and sermons by Pastor J.D. Burris at:  RadioMinistry.org    …please never hesitate to reach out to us via email at  info@WetFleece.com  or  pastor@RadioMinistry.org  if you just want to talk about God’s Good Word, or if you simply need someone to talk to.

Peace & Love be with you and yours! Glory and praise be to God in the name of Jesus Christ!

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 Click to ENTER!  ►►► Wet Fleece’s Zazzle Store ◄◄◄

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