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If you would like to learn a little bit about us and our endeavors, please read the following:


We hope this message finds you doing well! Peace and Love to all of you! We would like to say this right up front – you do NOT have to purchase anything from us to help us help others. Simply by clicking on the individual products in our Wet Fleece / Zazzle store and viewing them, you are helping us by helping us move further up in the dark tunnel that is the Google search engine. Thank you in advance if you do that for us.

All illustrations, photography, and designs on our products and t-shirts were created by our Wet Fleece design team. Your purchases will go toward helping our radio ministry (radioministry.org) help those in need. With our loving passion for God’s Word, we have a whole new line of original humorous Christian sayings and t-shirt designs, as well as prayerful wall hangings with thoughtfully written prayers for our Lord. We know that all of our brothers and sisters have a loving passion for God’s Word and we truly hope all of you find some value in what we are offering. Please know that the minimum royalty percentage is set by Zazzle and we here at Wet Fleece are the designers. We are not responsible for the product manufacturing or the purchasing. We have done our best with the limited empowerment we have to set the royalties at the absolute lowest percentage possible, making the price of each item for you as low as possible. Without the added pressures of manufacturing and purchasing, and having a required storage area, it is much easier for us to focus solely on the creative part of the business, so that we can put forth our best light for God! Please do not purchase anything from our store on the Zazzle site without first entering a discount code if there is one available. There is usually always a discount code of some sort at the top of the page.

Also, if you purchase something from our Zazzle store, please let me know by emailing me at info@wetfleece.com, so that I can thank you by sending you a hand made gift. We have this Zazzle store linked to our www.Wetfleece.com site where we will also have hand made Christian items available at much lower costs that will be sold directly from our Wetfleece site. We also plan on having a library of FREE Vintage Christian Children book downloads with amazingly beautiful illustrations that we just do not see enough of anymore.

Also, we are very much aware that because of the different denominations, doctrines, and interpretations out there, not every Christian can see eye to eye on every topic, but there is one thing that holds constant, which is that we are ALL of the SAME Body – the same Church of Jesus Christ! We believe that the time has come for us all to start making the way straight for Jesus Christ and to look past our differences long enough to show love to one another. With this being said, PLEASE, if you see anything on our site that you do not agree with, please do not let that cause any amount of resentment in your heart for us. We are only human, but I can promise you that we LOVE and BELIEVE IN Jesus Christ! The name of our Christian store, Wet Fleece, was derived from the story of Gideon and the Fleece (Judges 6-8). While some see this as a story of a man’s lack of faith in God, we see it, instead, as a story about God’s undying love, patience, and mercy for His children. We by no means seek to get rich off of any products we may sell. We only want to be able to keep our lights on and help the less fortunate, as is our calling as Christians. If our ministry ever gains momentum, God willing, then we will publicly post our financial reports so that everyone can see where the money goes. We will also post pictures of the modest home we live in and the modest cars we drive, etc. Many feel that Christians should not sell art work or any sort of Christian products, but we are not in the market of selling. We are trying to raise money to help others and we are delighting in the Lord while doing it. One of our main efforts will be to help single mothers and their children. My husband, J.D. Burris, is currently working very hard to plant our local church, Odessa Community Church of Jesus Christ (currently in it’s infancy stages), which will be the home of this charity. While on this topic, next time you purchase anything that has to do with Christianity, I’d like to ask please that each of you consider where the product is coming from, who made or designed it, and what the money is being used for. There are many out there that deny the name of Jesus Christ but willingly profit off of His name. Please make sure to purchase products about Christianity from your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ when you can. Now, not everyone that claims to be a Christian truly is, but if you have eyes to see, then you can use those eyes and pray to God for guidance and understanding.

Please visit us at Wetfleece.com or radioministry.org.
At radioministry.org, you can listen to sermons by my husband, J.D. Burris and to music by fellow Christian artists. If you have any questions or comments, or need someone to talk with, feel free to drop me, Tina Burris, a line at info@wetfleece.com or to my husband, J.D. Burris, at pastor@radioministry.org. We are both, first and foremost, a brother and sister of yours and we are all of the same flock, no one better than the next and certainly not better than our Master. My husband and I were born again just a few years ago and we are both so unbelievably thankful and very much aware of where we came from. We’d be happy to share with anyone our personal testimonies upon request. J.D. and I have always been an extremely “long ways away” from being anywhere remotely near to being perfect, but we truly long for God’s Love to one day be perfected in us. Peace and Love to you and yours! Glory and Praise be to God in the name of Jesus Christ!

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“But As the Days of Noah Were…” Christian mug.
Faith, Hope, and Love on Wrapped Gloss Canvas.

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Christian Tote Bag with Whimsical Floral Design
“Yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.”
Hosea 4:3
Christian gift tie
Wet Fleece Neck Tie from Sky Tie Collection. Design is because of Crown of Clouds blessing in the sky.